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Some Effective headlight selection advice,Solve our difficulty in choosing

What are halogen lamps and how do they work?

In principle, the working mode of the halogen lamp is similar to that of a conventional incandescent lamp. Higher brightness is achieved by the addition of iodine or a special gas of a bromine additive. The halogen lamp is used in a refractory metal, for example, titanium or titanium, by a refining process. The growth process allows the metal to be highly purified by thermal decomposition of the volatile halide. The tungsten filament light is vaporized in the form of a released tungsten atom, tungsten tetraiodide, when heated, which moves back to the line and provides its tungsten atom again. The result is a complete, bright white light. The duration of the illumination of the halogen lamp is about 150 hours. Therefore, it is not higher than the conventional incandescent lamp. however, that advantage is that they do not blacken at the end of the lifetime, No loss of light.

How does the Xenon lamp work?

In a motor vehicle, a xenon lamp is used as a xenon discharge lamp in a low beam or a high beam.

The operation of the xenon lamp is explained as follows. The concentrated arc is combusted between the two tungsten electrodes of the xenon discharge lamp. This very small combustion chamber consists of a glass flask made of quartz glass, containing a xenon fill and mercury and a metal halide. In general, less than one milligram. The purpose of the metal halide is to improve color rendering. Xenon is a rapid start-up of a lamp that is responsible for playing an important role in road traffic. The argon used in a conventional metal halide lamp will take a few minutes to complete. The new number may even require a high pressure pulse in the absence of a mercury content, which results in an ignition unit by the electronic ballast. This ensures the light output control. xenon The durability of the lamp is four times that of the halogen lamp. However, because they are gas discharge lamps, they cannot be detected by burnt filament. The benefits are obvious, brighter light, better contrast enhancement in lower energy consumption, longer life, higher brightness, daylight-like light color and visibility. However, Xenon lamps also have shortcomings, such as high cost, complex system, maintenance workshop, color temperature can be changed frequently at will, the incorrect adjustment of oncoming vehicles is greatly damaged, and the huge environmental impact of increasing the use of mercury and electrons in space can only be recovered.

What factors should be taken into account in replacing the lights yourself

Incandescent lamp is one of the most commonly used car spare parts, so the choice is higher. Consumers can choose particularly bright lamps, long-lived products or standard lamps. The decisive factors in buying incandescent lamps are life, light quality and intensity, and glare.

What is the best choice ?

If you have the opportunity to buy a car with an LED headlight at the same price as the model of the xenon lamp, we recommend buying an LED. They use less energy, which provide better illumination and they will last longer. But if the cost is significantly increased, we may skip it. This is because the xenon headlight is also very good-and because of their relatively small advantages, it is difficult to justify a significant increase in the price of the LED. However, as the LEDs become cheaper, they are expected to be seen in a wider range of vehicles.

Where can I buy these LED headlights bulbs?

You may choose to buy in a nearby store, or on platforms such as Amazon or ebay, and you don't know if you have a successful experience of choosing to buy online.

The online ordering of the LED headlights is a little doubt, but the quality of the product has proved to be very good. The online purchase of its car lights is also a test, and the quality problem is also not to worry, the sales of the store and the website sales need to check the quality of the product, or there is no one to continue to buy, is it not such a reason? It has a good use efficiency and has a unique design to maximize the brightness. The best part is its flexibility. The device may be mounted in a headlamp or tail lamp, optionally mounted on a vehicle, or any other place on the vehicle or in the vehicle. as a result of the presence of the online store A large number of products, sometimes with confusion, may eventually buy the wrong LED headlights. To avoid this, consult your car technician or the representative of the e-commerce store or the manufacturer you purchase. The problem is solved, whether you can also solve the problem of worry, you don't need to go to the store to find, sit in the home to choose directly, not because this simple thing, take a half-day time out to find, directly know the corresponding model, match the model of the lamp, buy directly, send the goods to the door, Maybe it's a good experience.

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