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How to distinguish the type of lamp

With the continuous upgrading of the lights, many owners want to change their cars with the lights. One is to update the equipment to make driving safer, and the other is to keep up with the times and let the car upgrade.

The replacement of the lights is mainly determined by the model.

So, are the lights of different models more compatible? Can different types of lights be installed and replaced? For example, the Volkswagen brand's headlights want to change a new type of headlights for BMW cars. Can the original halogen lamps be replaced with xenon lamps, can they change LED lights?

In fact, no matter which type of car is used, the replacement lamp is mainly determined by the model and base of the car, and has nothing to do with the car brand or the car model. That is to say, if the model of the lamp is the same, you can replace any of the lights you see; otherwise, it will not work.

Many people will ask if the headlights can be changed. Can halogen lamps be replaced with xenon lamps, can I change LEDs? In fact, the bulb can not be changed, mainly the model and the base have the final say, if the model is wrong, no matter what the lights, can not be installed!

We can see that the different interfaces and the corresponding interfaces are different, which is not universal. Of course, this is also related to the corresponding headlights.

So the steps to upgrade the lights are generally:

Determine what light you want to change → check the model of your own car light → select the fire LED that meets your requirements and model

The lights are roughly divided into: H series, D series

H series is the original car halogen lamp series, D series is the original car xenon lamp series

To figure this out, let's take a look at the H series.

H common: H1, H4, H7, H11, HB3, HB4...

H1 is a mono-filament single-legged bulb, which is mostly used for high-beam illumination. Because the distance between the filament and the bracket is relatively long, it is easy to break the wire when it is strongly shaken. Now the new model is less used.

The H 1 and H 7 light bulbs are suitable for most European and American models, and the H4 will be more suitable.

H11, HB3 (9005), HB4 (9006) are the representatives of black Bakelite base at the rear. Most European and American models are commonly used as near-light lamps.

I hope the article can be helpful to your choice, before buying, determine which lamp to use, in the purchase, can have a pleasant purchase.






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