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Skills and matters needing attention in replacing car Lamps 2019

In our lives, after the car has been used for a period of time, because the lamp itself is running, the brightness of the car is no longer clear, and the lights are not working. What is the first solution you think of? Like most people, many drivers quickly take the vehicle to the mechanic when the car bulb burns out. Still prefer to replace it yourself, and save an extra cost. In fact, replacing a car bulb is easier than you think, and most drivers are fully capable of doing it alone.

On our website, we will sell and introduce some of the things that the car needs to replace all the car bulbs, including headlights, side lights, brake lights, and some other gadgets. You can see if you need it. It. After purchase, you will definitely have questions. If you don't do it yourself, here are some suggestions. Can you look at it and help you?

Before replacing the headlights, it is best to check the owner's manual of the vehicle. This will tell you how to replace the headlights of a particular vehicle. It may also contain useful illustrations. In addition, please check the user manual to tell you which kind of light bulb the vehicle needs. Then, after making sure to make a purchase on our website, save unnecessary troubles. If you are not sure, we are very willing to receive your letter, we are willing to give you some suggestions and confirm with you whether these lights are yours. Really needed.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you use, the process of replacing the headlight bulbs is basically the same. You can easily remove the old bulb and install a new one by following these steps:

Open the hood or hood of the car and support it.

Disconnect the power connector from the back of the headlamp assembly.

Remove the dust cover.

There may be a clip to hold the bulb in place. If so, please remove it gently.

Locate the outer casing of the bulb and gently pull it out.

Compare the old bulb to the new one while still maintaining its packaging to ensure you have the right fitting.

Insert the new lamp into the open socket and make sure that the glass portion of the lamp does not touch anything (including your hand).

If there is a clip, please replace it immediately.

Replace the dust cover.

Reconnect the power connector.

Light bulbs often burn out, mostly due to excessive voltage at the generator terminals. If the generator voltage is too high, the current through the filament will increase greatly, making the filament temperature too high and easily burned out. If the regulator is misaligned or improperly adjusted, causing its limit voltage to be too high is the cause of excessive voltage at the generator terminal. When used, the above phenomenon can be avoided as long as the regulator can be properly adjusted.

Instructions for use:

1.Respond to the phenomenon of light decay and actively replace the car bulb

With the use of the lights, the brightness of the bulb will gradually decrease. This normal physical phenomenon is called light decay. The darkening of the lights can easily lead to accidents. Therefore, once the lights are darkened, they should be replaced in time, and they must not be replaced until they are broken. Choosing a quality light bulb can delay color decay and prolong service life, providing more protection for your driving safety. Please check the lights regularly. It is recommended that you replace the lamps in pairs every 20,000 kilometers.

2, choose a safe and effective car bulb

The color temperature determines the color of the light. The original matching lamp is basically yellow. Appropriately raises the color temperature to obtain more fashionable white light and a more comfortable driving experience. However, the higher the color temperature, the better. If the color temperature exceeds 6000K, the light The penetrating power is reduced, which is not conducive to driving in rainy and foggy weather. Therefore, for your driving safety, you should choose a safe and effective color temperature car bulb.

3.The engine can be replaced after the engine has been turned off for 5 minutes.

Before replacing the car bulb, you need gloves and goggles. Use alcohol to wipe the fingerprint or grease on the outside of the lamp housing. Do not touch the glass surface of the lamp with bare hands to prevent the lamp from shortening due to fingerprints. The lamp should be commissioned after replacing the lamp to avoid glare.

We replaced the lights for us to drive our own cars better. The lights are for day and night driving. They remind each other and protect themselves. When the lights are burned out, it is especially important to replace them. .



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