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  • What is the role of the parameters of the miniature car headlight bulb?

    When we buy the lights, the first one will consider which model of the car needs to be purchased. When you buy it on the website, there will be a variety of H1 models, but we will find that the price is different. The parameters are different.
    We now know the importance of the lights, so we are more and more cautious about the choice of lights. However, for us, the selection of the lights is still "inaccessible", especially for the level of the lamp parameters marked by the manufacturer is at a level of ignorance, or even completely incomprehensible. So let's learn about the parameters of the lamp parameters together, in order to facilitate the selection of suitable and satisfactory lights. Every time we buy, we definitely want to have a happy experience, so we only have to know more, we can choose more accurate, right? What are the reference parameters?
    First, the luminous flux
    The amount of light emitted by the LED light source per unit time is called the luminous flux of the LED light source, and the unit is lumens, that is, LM. This amount is for the light source, it is the size of the total amount of light emitted by the light source, and is equivalent to the optical power. The greater the luminous flux of the light source, the more light is emitted.
    Everyone knows that the unit of luminous flux is lumens, so what is the brightness of 1 lumen? In the real life example, 1 lumen = the total emitted light flux of a normal candle on a solid angle, the brightness of the laptop LCD screen = 150LM, the projector of the theater = 1000LM.
    For LED lights, the luminous flux is not the only factor that determines the brightness of the lights, nor is the brightness of the lights stronger.
    Lumens claims are usually “actually calculated” rather than actually measured based on the voltage they operate on. But it's still not that simple. The lumen value is only an indicator of the total amount of luminescence. It does not indicate where the light will eventually be in front of the car! You can get 8000 lumens from such a bulb, and none will end on the road, as we will explain.
    What is the Cree LED light?
    Cree is the market leader in lighting-grade LEDs, LED lighting and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. Cree's product line includes LED luminaires and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, high-brightness LEDs, lighting-grade power LEDs, power switchgear and RF equipment.

    Second, color temperature (CCT)
    The color temperature is expressed by the absolute temperature K. When the heating temperature of the standard black body (such as platinum) is raised to a certain degree, the color begins to change gradually from red orange, yellow, green, blue, and blue (blue-violet), and the color of the light source is utilized. When the color of the black body is the same, we refer to the temperature of the black body as the color temperature of the light source.
    3000K yellow light penetration, 4200K white belt with yellow original car with xenon lamp, 5000K light all white European standard color temperature, 6000K light all white with blue, 6500K sunshine day, 7000-8000K white with obvious blue The penetration of blue light above 8000K is extremely poor.
    In general, the color temperature of about 5500K is the luminosity seen by the naked eye during the day, which can be understood as the visual optimum.

    Third, current, voltage and power
    Current, scientifically speaking, the amount of electricity passing through any cross section of a conductor per unit time is called current intensity, referred to as current, and the unit is ampere symbol A. At present, the LED headlight current on the market is generally around 2A.
    The voltage, also called the potential difference or potential difference, is a physical quantity that measures the energy difference produced by the unit charge in the electrostatic field due to the difference in potential. The unit symbol is V. The current headlight voltage on the market is generally in the range of 9-32V.
    Power refers to the amount of work done by an object in a unit of time, that is, the power is a physical quantity that describes how fast the work is done. In general, the higher the power, the higher the power consumption and the higher the brightness. At present, the power of LED car headlights on the market is generally around 50W. For the majority of car owners, the three lights parameters of current, voltage and power do not have much effect on the data of the choice of car headlights. It can be simply understood as "the lights are brighter and the fuel consumption is definitely more.
    With a variety of LED headlight solutions on the modern automotive market. There are many reasons why many well-known car magazines and bloggers have decided to change factory lamp bulbs and get LED lamp bulb conversion kits. LED bulbs are reliable and last for more than 30,000 hours.

    I hope this knowledge will help you choose, to better choose the lights and get a good experience.

  • Some Effective headlight selection advice,Solve our difficulty in choosing

    What are halogen lamps and how do they work?

    In principle, the working mode of the halogen lamp is similar to that of a conventional incandescent lamp. Higher brightness is achieved by the addition of iodine or a special gas of a bromine additive. The halogen lamp is used in a refractory metal, for example, titanium or titanium, by a refining process. The growth process allows the metal to be highly purified by thermal decomposition of the volatile halide. The tungsten filament light is vaporized in the form of a released tungsten atom, tungsten tetraiodide, when heated, which moves back to the line and provides its tungsten atom again. The result is a complete, bright white light. The duration of the illumination of the halogen lamp is about 150 hours. Therefore, it is not higher than the conventional incandescent lamp. however, that advantage is that they do not blacken at the end of the lifetime, No loss of light.

    How does the Xenon lamp work?

    In a motor vehicle, a xenon lamp is used as a xenon discharge lamp in a low beam or a high beam.

    The operation of the xenon lamp is explained as follows. The concentrated arc is combusted between the two tungsten electrodes of the xenon discharge lamp. This very small combustion chamber consists of a glass flask made of quartz glass, containing a xenon fill and mercury and a metal halide. In general, less than one milligram. The purpose of the metal halide is to improve color rendering. Xenon is a rapid start-up of a lamp that is responsible for playing an important role in road traffic. The argon used in a conventional metal halide lamp will take a few minutes to complete. The new number may even require a high pressure pulse in the absence of a mercury content, which results in an ignition unit by the electronic ballast. This ensures the light output control. xenon The durability of the lamp is four times that of the halogen lamp. However, because they are gas discharge lamps, they cannot be detected by burnt filament. The benefits are obvious, brighter light, better contrast enhancement in lower energy consumption, longer life, higher brightness, daylight-like light color and visibility. However, Xenon lamps also have shortcomings, such as high cost, complex system, maintenance workshop, color temperature can be changed frequently at will, the incorrect adjustment of oncoming vehicles is greatly damaged, and the huge environmental impact of increasing the use of mercury and electrons in space can only be recovered.

    What factors should be taken into account in replacing the lights yourself

    Incandescent lamp is one of the most commonly used car spare parts, so the choice is higher. Consumers can choose particularly bright lamps, long-lived products or standard lamps. The decisive factors in buying incandescent lamps are life, light quality and intensity, and glare.

    What is the best choice ?

    If you have the opportunity to buy a car with an LED headlight at the same price as the model of the xenon lamp, we recommend buying an LED. They use less energy, which provide better illumination and they will last longer. But if the cost is significantly increased, we may skip it. This is because the xenon headlight is also very good-and because of their relatively small advantages, it is difficult to justify a significant increase in the price of the LED. However, as the LEDs become cheaper, they are expected to be seen in a wider range of vehicles.

    Where can I buy these LED headlights bulbs?

    You may choose to buy in a nearby store, or on platforms such as Amazon or ebay, and you don't know if you have a successful experience of choosing to buy online.

    The online ordering of the LED headlights is a little doubt, but the quality of the product has proved to be very good. The online purchase of its car lights is also a test, and the quality problem is also not to worry, the sales of the store and the website sales need to check the quality of the product, or there is no one to continue to buy, is it not such a reason? It has a good use efficiency and has a unique design to maximize the brightness. The best part is its flexibility. The device may be mounted in a headlamp or tail lamp, optionally mounted on a vehicle, or any other place on the vehicle or in the vehicle. as a result of the presence of the online store A large number of products, sometimes with confusion, may eventually buy the wrong LED headlights. To avoid this, consult your car technician or the representative of the e-commerce store or the manufacturer you purchase. The problem is solved, whether you can also solve the problem of worry, you don't need to go to the store to find, sit in the home to choose directly, not because this simple thing, take a half-day time out to find, directly know the corresponding model, match the model of the lamp, buy directly, send the goods to the door, Maybe it's a good experience.

  • The importance of automotive LED headlights to us

    Automobile lamps and lanterns can be divided into two categories: external lighting (lighting) and signal (signal). The function of lighting is to illuminate the road ahead of the car in the dark environment. Lighting mainly refers to headlamp, front fog lamp, reverse lamp; optical signal device includes automobile signal lamp and recovery reflector. Signal lights include steering lights, brake lights, rear fog lights and position lights. The function of the signal lamp is to show the existence of the vehicle to other road users, and the car will turn in a certain direction or is braking and decelerating, so as to attract special attention.

    Car lights are generally composed of insulation (fixed) support, LED lamp tube, control line and so on. Led lamp number is generally dozens, they are evenly distributed in several electrical branches, the LED lights in each electrical branch are in series with each other, while the electrical branches are in parallel.

    The control line generally provides 2 to 3 ports, each port accepts different levels of control voltage, and connects the resistance of different resistance backward to the LED lamp tube with series-parallel structure, so that the lamp has different brightness, and then realizes different logical functions of the lamp, such as "lighting", "brake", "lighting enhancement" and so on.

    In life, we must install lights for our cars, not only to illuminate the road, but also to communicate with each other and remind each other. Driving at night, different road sections and scenes, the difficulty and danger of riding at night are also different: no matter in the urban road, there are street lamps on both sides of the road; or in the dim and unlit suburban road, even the all-black national highway provincial road is even driving on the road, a car lamp that meets the requirements and has a good lighting effect is a necessary equipment for driving at night.

    Choose a LED headlamp, in the traditional design, most of the lights are used for lighting this function. However, as far as the design of modern and future lights is concerned, it is not only the word "lighting", it also adds more cool techs and futury. in the emotional rich connotation, the lamp design carries more interactive functions. In addition to the function of lighting and embellishment, the future lights are also expected to become the carrier of communication between cars, cars and environments, and cars and people. Augmented reality technology and intelligent lighting technology will provide drivers with the safest and most comprehensive image on the road ahead. Choosing a matching car lamp is a piece of It is very important that as a car lover, if you do not know which lamp model corresponding to the model, you can directly use the first page of our website to enter the year and the model directly query a matching lamp. Our website all kinds of LED lamp have waterproof, equation performance, have different power, you can make corresponding purchase. If you like to buy the best product and buy it once, then gather different brands on the AOTOTOP website, and all kinds of lamp bulbs are suitable for you. Excellent light output, excellent design and structure, warranty and free replacement, for a variety of reasons, you will not miss this Some.

  • How to distinguish the type of lamp

    With the continuous upgrading of the lights, many owners want to change their cars with the lights. One is to update the equipment to make driving safer, and the other is to keep up with the times and let the car upgrade.

    The replacement of the lights is mainly determined by the model.

    So, are the lights of different models more compatible? Can different types of lights be installed and replaced? For example, the Volkswagen brand's headlights want to change a new type of headlights for BMW cars. Can the original halogen lamps be replaced with xenon lamps, can they change LED lights?

    In fact, no matter which type of car is used, the replacement lamp is mainly determined by the model and base of the car, and has nothing to do with the car brand or the car model. That is to say, if the model of the lamp is the same, you can replace any of the lights you see; otherwise, it will not work.

    Many people will ask if the headlights can be changed. Can halogen lamps be replaced with xenon lamps, can I change LEDs? In fact, the bulb can not be changed, mainly the model and the base have the final say, if the model is wrong, no matter what the lights, can not be installed!

    We can see that the different interfaces and the corresponding interfaces are different, which is not universal. Of course, this is also related to the corresponding headlights.

    So the steps to upgrade the lights are generally:

    Determine what light you want to change → check the model of your own car light → select the fire LED that meets your requirements and model

    The lights are roughly divided into: H series, D series

    H series is the original car halogen lamp series, D series is the original car xenon lamp series

    To figure this out, let's take a look at the H series.

    H common: H1, H4, H7, H11, HB3, HB4...

    H1 is a mono-filament single-legged bulb, which is mostly used for high-beam illumination. Because the distance between the filament and the bracket is relatively long, it is easy to break the wire when it is strongly shaken. Now the new model is less used.

    The H 1 and H 7 light bulbs are suitable for most European and American models, and the H4 will be more suitable.

    H11, HB3 (9005), HB4 (9006) are the representatives of black Bakelite base at the rear. Most European and American models are commonly used as near-light lamps.

    I hope the article can be helpful to your choice, before buying, determine which lamp to use, in the purchase, can have a pleasant purchase.






  • Skills and matters needing attention in replacing car Lamps 2019

    In our lives, after the car has been used for a period of time, because the lamp itself is running, the brightness of the car is no longer clear, and the lights are not working. What is the first solution you think of? Like most people, many drivers quickly take the vehicle to the mechanic when the car bulb burns out. Still prefer to replace it yourself, and save an extra cost. In fact, replacing a car bulb is easier than you think, and most drivers are fully capable of doing it alone.

    On our website, we will sell and introduce some of the things that the car needs to replace all the car bulbs, including headlights, side lights, brake lights, and some other gadgets. You can see if you need it. It. After purchase, you will definitely have questions. If you don't do it yourself, here are some suggestions. Can you look at it and help you?

    Before replacing the headlights, it is best to check the owner's manual of the vehicle. This will tell you how to replace the headlights of a particular vehicle. It may also contain useful illustrations. In addition, please check the user manual to tell you which kind of light bulb the vehicle needs. Then, after making sure to make a purchase on our website, save unnecessary troubles. If you are not sure, we are very willing to receive your letter, we are willing to give you some suggestions and confirm with you whether these lights are yours. Really needed.

    Regardless of the type of vehicle you use, the process of replacing the headlight bulbs is basically the same. You can easily remove the old bulb and install a new one by following these steps:

    Open the hood or hood of the car and support it.

    Disconnect the power connector from the back of the headlamp assembly.

    Remove the dust cover.

    There may be a clip to hold the bulb in place. If so, please remove it gently.

    Locate the outer casing of the bulb and gently pull it out.

    Compare the old bulb to the new one while still maintaining its packaging to ensure you have the right fitting.

    Insert the new lamp into the open socket and make sure that the glass portion of the lamp does not touch anything (including your hand).

    If there is a clip, please replace it immediately.

    Replace the dust cover.

    Reconnect the power connector.

    Light bulbs often burn out, mostly due to excessive voltage at the generator terminals. If the generator voltage is too high, the current through the filament will increase greatly, making the filament temperature too high and easily burned out. If the regulator is misaligned or improperly adjusted, causing its limit voltage to be too high is the cause of excessive voltage at the generator terminal. When used, the above phenomenon can be avoided as long as the regulator can be properly adjusted.

    Instructions for use:

    1.Respond to the phenomenon of light decay and actively replace the car bulb

    With the use of the lights, the brightness of the bulb will gradually decrease. This normal physical phenomenon is called light decay. The darkening of the lights can easily lead to accidents. Therefore, once the lights are darkened, they should be replaced in time, and they must not be replaced until they are broken. Choosing a quality light bulb can delay color decay and prolong service life, providing more protection for your driving safety. Please check the lights regularly. It is recommended that you replace the lamps in pairs every 20,000 kilometers.

    2, choose a safe and effective car bulb

    The color temperature determines the color of the light. The original matching lamp is basically yellow. Appropriately raises the color temperature to obtain more fashionable white light and a more comfortable driving experience. However, the higher the color temperature, the better. If the color temperature exceeds 6000K, the light The penetrating power is reduced, which is not conducive to driving in rainy and foggy weather. Therefore, for your driving safety, you should choose a safe and effective color temperature car bulb.

    3.The engine can be replaced after the engine has been turned off for 5 minutes.

    Before replacing the car bulb, you need gloves and goggles. Use alcohol to wipe the fingerprint or grease on the outside of the lamp housing. Do not touch the glass surface of the lamp with bare hands to prevent the lamp from shortening due to fingerprints. The lamp should be commissioned after replacing the lamp to avoid glare.

    We replaced the lights for us to drive our own cars better. The lights are for day and night driving. They remind each other and protect themselves. When the lights are burned out, it is especially important to replace them. .



  • Car lights need to be replacement,which one to choose?

    Nowadays, there are mainly halogen headlights, xenon lamps and LED lights on the market. Let's take a look at the principles of the three lights.

    1.halogen lamps

    At present, halogen lamps commonly used in automobiles are upgraded versions of incandescent lamps. Halogen elements are added to generate a chemical reaction between halogen elements and tungsten wires. Halogen headlights not only improve brightness but also have a long life. When we watched the vehicles on the road at night, the headlights were yellow and the vehicles were equipped with halogen headlights. From the effect point of view, due to the low color temperature of the halogen headlights, the color of the light is warmer and yellower. In the case of dark light, the yellowish halogen lamp is not as conspicuous as the xenon lamp, but it is no problem to meet the normal use at night.

    2.xenon lamp

    The xenon lamp is filled with an inert gas such as helium gas in a quartz crystal glass tube. In a high pressure environment, helium gas is ionized between the two poles of the power source to produce a light source. The brightness of the xenon lamp is three times brighter than that of the halogen lamp. The disadvantage of hernia is that it is very prone to fever and often gets roasted yellow. And the start up is slow.

    3.LED lights

    LED lights are light-emitting diodes. Its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, which is cured with silver or white glue to the support, and then connected to the chip and circuit board with silver wire or gold wire, and then sealed with epoxy resin to protect the interior. The function of the core wire is to install the outer casing, so the seismic performance of the LED lamp is good.

    Let's take a look at the difference between the parameters of the three lights.

    Halogen lamp

    rain and snow weather penetration, even lightCompared with xenon lamps, halogen lamps are not completely inferior. They have the advantage that xenon lamps do not have: halogen headlights + reflectors, without the help of lenses, the brightness of the light is not as bright as that of xenon lamps, but relative The brightness of other areas is relatively uniform, and there is no obvious visual attenuation zone.

    In addition, halogen headlights with lower color temperature have a distinct advantage. In low-visibility weather such as rain, snow and haze, the penetration of halogen light source is much better than that of xenon light source with high color temperature.

    Xenon headlights

    the color temperature is high and the penetration delay is long.It is a form of light that is commonly used in high-end models. Because of the higher brightness, Xenon headlights are generally better equipped with lenses, so they are sought after by many consumers. Because the color temperature is higher, the xenon lamp can be discerned by the human eye. At present, the color temperature of the mainstream xenon lamp is 4200K-6000K, and the light color is closer to the white light of the midday sun. The closer the color is closer to the sun in theory, the easier it is for the human eye to adapt.

    So what are the advantages of xenon lamps? In addition to the higher brightness than halogen lamps, the tungsten-free formula also makes the life longer than the halogen lamp; then the power saving is better, the xenon lamp is only 35W, and the 55W halogen lamp emits 3.5 times or more of the light. , greatly reducing the load on the automotive power system, saving more than 40% of power loss.

    The high color temperature of xenon lamp is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, it is closer to natural light, making everyone's eyes comfortable, but the penetration of high color temperature is also inevitable, so it is not recommended to use too much when purchasing xenon lamps. The color temperature of the xenon lamp, with 4300K is a good choice. There are also delay characteristics such as xenon headlights. Although the two problems have been alleviated with the development of science and technology, these two problems are indeed insufficiency compared with the more traditional halogen light sources, but then its high brightness and long life are tempting.

    LED headlights

    The high cost seems to be the only drawback, but 2017 has become very popular.In addition to the above two types of headlights, more and more cars are now using LED lights. Note that this is not a beautiful daytime running light but the headlights of the car.

    This type of LED light is a light emitting diode. Lamps made by LEDs do not generate heat due to the illuminating process, the energy conversion efficiency is close to 100%, and the life is too long. Adapting to harsh environments is also the direction of future lighting technology.

    High brightness.The brightness of the LED can reach 3 times that of the halogen lamp, so the illumination distance of the road surface is farther, the danger ahead can be found earlier, the driving safety is guaranteed, the life is long and there is no light decay, and the good LED lamp has a life of more than 10,000 hours. Halogen lamps are 20 times higher, and the amount of light is much smaller than that of halogen lamps.

    Low energy consumption.The power of the halogen lamp is generally 55W, while the general LED lamp is only 24W, low power consumption and high luminous efficiency, energy saving, no self-ignition, and no burning of the computer board. The principle of the halogen lamp is that the tungsten wire burns and emits heat, so the temperature is extremely high, and it is easy to self-ignite, and the xenon lamp needs to be illuminated by the ultra-high voltage, which brings high inrush current, easily burns the driving computer, and the low energy consumption and low temperature of the LED lamp. To eliminate such phenomena, safe and reliable.

  • Best and cool gadget- Light up your holidays

    Do you like to go out and enjoy a happy life? Is the absence of lights in outdoor life a very embarrassing state?

    Why we should to buy car light

    If we choose to travel by car, there may be lights on it, but is it not a better choice for us to use a self-driving car? if we often go on a self-driving trip, that may be a good idea. But we only need to spend a dozen or twenty pounds to buy a car lamp, which will give us a better way to illuminate the way and direction of our journey through the outdoors, and save us a lot of money.

    You know how all the fancy new cars out there have LED headlights? Well there’s a reason to be jealous of them aside from the fact that they look cooler than the old yellow halogen headlamps on your car. They illuminate the road ahead so much better than halogens because the light is brighter, it projects farther, and it’s a higher color temperature. Guess what: You don’t need to buy a luxury car just to get LED headlights.


     Car light for our outdoor life

    As the holidays approach, motorists should make certain their vehicle is up to the rigors of winter travel. Autumn has traditionally been a busy time for carcare activities. Whether you do your own maintenance or depend on the pros, fall service let's you undo the wear and tear of summer's tough conditions while getting ready for colder weather ahead.

    We should for ourself  to ready some outdoor LED light,some bad things is over our predict,If you own a new, high-end car, chances are you wont’ be needing most of these gizmos, but if you don’t, a touch of modern functionality can be crucial for your safety and comfort along the way.



    We drive out to camp, we go outdoors to take part in all kinds of activities, the lights are a very good gadget, a small equipment,Some small accidents we are always unpredictable, we can prepare ourselves to put a light in our trunk, can not take up much space for us,Road trips mean a lot of time behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to upgrade your ride and enhance your experience on the road by making it safer, smoother, and much more enjoyable.Whether it’s keeping interiors clean and tidy, charging your devices on the go, connecting your smart phone to your vehicle, or saving your life, these creative car gadgets and accessories will have you covered on your motorized travels.

    The best Aototop LED headlight for you.

    Mini ultra-light design, as much as possible to restore the original size of the car, adapt to all models, plug and play. High efficiency COB light source, low energy consumption and high brightness.

    The lamp body is made of high quality aerospace aluminum material for overall heat dissipation.

    The light effect boundary is clear, and there is no stray or glaring light, which has made a great contribution to the safety of the driver.


  • Cost-effective products! - choose the HID still LED hedlight

    What is a LED headlight

    LED Headlight -- LED headlights are the latest innovation for vehicle forward lighting. Light Emitting Diode (LED). The use of these tiny little light sources is becoming widespread indeed, with everything from cars to desk lamps and flood lights adopting LED lighting.

    We’ve known for a while that LEDs are more energy efficient than regular lighting, but until recent-ish they couldn’t produce sufficient amounts of light for use in either automotive or general household lighting applications.

    LED lights consume much less power and turn on instantly when compared to their halogen or HID counterparts.

    What is HID lights

     HID, or high-intensity discharge light bulbs and lamps, are a family of gas-discharge arc lamps which create light by sending an electrical discharge between two electrodes and through a plasma, or ionized gas. An additional gas is generally used, and this gas serves as an easy way to classify the major types of HID lamps: Mercury, sodium, and metal halide.

    These lamps are known for their high efficiency at turning electricity into light and their long rated life. HID lamps require a ballast in order to generate the initial surge of electricity needed to start them and to regulate their power during normal operation.

     Which is the better option for HID or LED lights?

     Choose the fit yourself headlight


    Many people are choosing to upgrade to HIDs, but a certain percentage of them will eventually go on to switch to LEDs. While HIDs are brighter and more efficient than halogens, they are prone to failure over time in a way that LEDs simply aren’t. If you are on a tight budget and you are looking for a quick, short-term fix, you may want to consider HIDs. However, don’t be surprised if you end up changing your headlights several times over the next few years, particularly with so many cheap foreign imports currently flooding the aftermarket.

    If you want something longer lasting, and more cost efficient over time while delivering substantial improvements in the quality of your road lighting, you may be better off choosing LED headlights for your car.


     LED lights produce similar improvements to HID headlights, but they go a step further in providing both clear, bright lighting and durability. Now that the component costs of LEDs are coming down year on year, more people are choosing to upgrade their headlights to LEDs, and they are not turning back. LED lights use a number of light-emitting diodes to convert electricity from your car into light, with significantly greater efficiency than both HID and halogen bulbs.

    Because they are solid state and built to last, these headlights can in theory be used for decades before they will need to be replaced, saving you the ongoing maintenance burden and costs associated with other bulbs.


    Furthermore, LED kits can be easily installed on your car, either by yourself or by a professional mechanic in just a few minutes. Once you’ve installed your LED headlights kit, you can expect high quality, warm, white light, illuminating significant portions of the road ahead when compared to basic halogen bulbs.

    If you find yourself filling with envy every time you pass a luxury car on the road and see those bright, beautiful LED headlights, this post is for you.  there are some  different sizes to fit all cars, and it does exactly what the name suggests. In about 20 minutes, just about anyone at any skill level can install these headlights and enjoy all the benefits that come along with them. They don’t just look better, they illuminate the road ahead much better.

    There some link of LED headlight



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